Manage Your Bibliography

myBib is a mobile BibTeX bibliography manager for iOS. Just enter an ISBN and the additional information like title, author, publisher, artworks etc. will be added automatically. Great for academics or for keeping track of what you read.


Import Books by ISBN

Just enter the ISBN and the additional data is fetched in no time from

Scan ISBN Barcodes

Import books by scanning the ISBN barcode1.

Sort Your Books

Create bibliographies for different topics.

Export as BibTeX

Export your bibliography as BibTeX or text file.


Add annotations to your books.

1 Works on devices with autofocus only (iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4).

What Users Say:

Excellent - Really good app does what it says on the tin.. Saves me a lot of time and hastle! Thanx mybib.

MyBib - timesaver - Extremely useful tool. ... superb - saves so much time. Easy to export and import onto Endnote on my Mac

Great app... - What a fabulous way to log in all my books! I use the iPhone 4 and zapped in my books like a kid with a new toy...